Choosing the Right Block of Land

Choosing the right block of land is an essential first step to building a Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslander.  In fact, you really need to choose or buy the land BEFORE we can help you plan the perfect home, as the plan needs to be developed to suit the land. There are two key steps and factors to consider when buying land: lifestyle and budget. Choose the neighbourhood to suit your lifestyle needs, then choose the block of land to suit your budget.

1. Choose the right neighbourhood for your lifestyle.

Things to consider when choosing the neighbourhood:

  • Does the neighbourhood suit your lifestyle – is it young and vibrant or quiet and peaceful?
  • How close are shops, public transport, schools or other community amenities
  • If you intend to drive to work test drive the commute time

Get a feel for the area by walking around the neighbourhood – in the morning and evening; and talk to local residents.

2. Choose the right block for your budget.

Once you have short-listed preferred areas or suburbs, start looking at the blocks of land available. Things you need to consider when choosing the right block are:

  • Steep blocks or sites with difficult access all have challenges that will cost you more money
  • Check flood levels, landslip, buffer zones, easements and building regulations with your local council
  • Consider how you could position a home so that it’s naturally warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Find out whether the block you’re looking at has had a soil test conducted. It’s important to check the soil before making an offer
  • If you already have a house style or idea in mind, check that the block will suit the planned layout

Remember, talk to your local council and industry experts, including the team at Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders, and do your homework well; the more research and planning you do, the fewer surprises you will have when you start building

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