Regional Homes Summary

Build Anywhere

The Garth Chapman group has established a system which enables us to organise construction of our homes anywhere, through our network of local, highly experienced, Agency Builders.

100% Design Flexibility

We assist you to adapt one of our standard designs, or your own, to create a suitable design and to include any special features you want, to suit your location, weather conditions, lifestyle and family needs. Most of our standard designs can also be adapted to suit any of the different styles we offer.

Architectural Integrity

Our homes feature the unique architecture of our styles; Queenslander – Traditional or Classic, Colonial, Contemporary or Beach House.

Quality Tradespeople

We have close associations with our local Agency Builders, who will work for you with integrity, and concern for the quality of your finished home. If you will be building in a location where we do not yet have an established Agency Builder, you may wish to nominate a builder of your choice. We will then assist you to assess this builder for suitability to build our unique homes.


Although we will not be the principle contractors for the construction of your new home, we like to retain close contact with you and your local builder throughout the project and offer our advice where asked for. We have also produced a special Construction Guide, complete with colour photographs and detailed drawings, to ensure that our unique construction techniques are understood. This is essential to ensure that the special architecture of our homes is maintained.

High Quality Construction

The materials in all of our homes are of a very high quality. For example, all of the exposed materials used in the under-floor and verandah framing, are engineered products, high durability hardwood or stress-graded kiln-dried pine. All framing timber is protected from termite infestation by construction systems which provide termite barriers. The wall framing and roof trusses are all kiln-dried and treated for termite protection.

Termite facts

There are lots of inaccurate myths spoken about, often by builders & suppliers of steel-framed houses, of the supposed risk of termites to timber homes. The truth is that, when a home is built correctly and provided the residents carry out regular inspections, there is no risk of termite penetration. Our homes are built using three simple principles – steel or concrete ground connections, visual barriers & termite-resistant timber. This means that all enclosed framing timber is termite-resistant, no timber products are in contact with the ground and space is maintained between any timber and the ground. We have now been building homes using these principles, and in many locations known for termite infestations, for over twenty-five years and we have never had a termite problem.


As standard inclusions, we supply such items as white goods, plumbing fittings, ceramic tiles, kitchen cabinets etc. Subject to price and practicality, our builders purchase most of the materials locally, to assist the local economies. At the same time, we have arranged for our associated builders to benefit from the low group purchasing rates available from our suppliers.


We are especially experienced at working with local builders and in remote locations, one of our managers having worked in this field for more than 40 years. Since the establishment of the Regional Homes division of Garth Chapman Queenslanders, we have successfully arranged construction of over 80 homes in many close and remote locations.

Low maintenance

Unlike old Queenslanders, a new Garth Chapman home is low maintenance. This is because we use the best quality timbers for verandahs and stable exterior FC wall sheeting. These products allow the modern, long-lasting paints to retain their fresh appearance for many years.