Tips for Building on Small Lots in Brisbane

If you’re planning to build a house on a smaller lot, there are a few things you should know before you begin. The following tips will help you get your home constructed on a small lot in Brisbane.

Demolition and building restrictions vary greatly across the suburbs of Brisbane and if they aren’t followed closely, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

As things currently stand, Brisbane considers a small lot to be one that has an average width of less than 15 metres and/or a total area of the lot is 450 square metres or less.

To undertake a small lot project, you will first need to find out the key facts about the property (zoning, constraints and lot size).  This will help you determine whether your small lot project needs planning approval.

The Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders team is experienced in assisting Brisbane residents obtain planning approval for small lots. We can project manage the entire process or we can just point you in the right direction until it is time to start building, or anywhere in between.


Depending upon the location and council assessment of your land you may choose to build either a Contemporary facade or a Traditional style streetscape.

Not every home design is suitable for every small lot, so you should carefully consider the traits of the place you’re planning to have your home constructed in. When in doubt, try to maximize lighting and ease of access.

When natural lighting is maximized, chances are that the windows will be looking out on as much open space as possible. Long-distance views can be difficult to find in the middle of a city, but using the space in and around the lot to its best possible potential can help you feel like you have more room.
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As for the interior, consider the rooms you’ll be using most and their placement within the house. Look for designs that maximize the space these rooms get; this will help you get the most out of the space you have.
Garth Chapman has developed a range of traditional and contemporary style homes that will deliver style and complement your location, including:

PEGASUS – this modern skillion style home has a 10m frontage

MITCHELL – provides those who like some of the “Queenslander” attributes with a modern twist of open style living in a two storey, 4 bedroom home
BARAMBAH – Designed specifically for small inner city lots with a 10m frontage this home is modelled on the large terrace style cottages built in the early 1900s. With the Garth Chapman focus on authenticity the Barambah will blend beautifully into any inner city street containing original homes.

DAWSON  – modeled on the large terrace style cottages built in the early 1900s, another 2 storey home features 4 beds + study, 2 ½ bathrooms, 2 separate living areas, and front and rear verandahs.

Contact Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders team today for asistance planning your small lot home design.

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