Trust our Quality and Maintenance

Improved Maintenance

To some people the thought of a Queenslander illuminates visions of cracked timber that needs painting every other year and weekends full of maintenance. However, a modern Garth Chapman Queenslander has designed as much of the maintenance out as is possible.

  • Cladding – This is now fibre cement, is pre-primed in the factory, and requires no more painting than a rendered brick home.
  • Wall & Ceiling Linings – These used to be individual pine boards that required “no more gaps” every year. Now we use gyprock like all modern homes and were the client would like the authentic VJ finish – painted mdf boards are used.
  • Flooring – these used to be draughty and dusty as the gaps between the boards allowed this transfer to occur. Now we lay 19mm structural sheet flooring down before laying 19mm select grade timbers. This keeps the home warmer in winter, removes the dust transfer, and makes the timber significantly more stable.
  • Verandah Balustrade – These elements are in the weather and still require upkeep. Generally if you keep them clean they will last a long time before repainting. This maintenance is a small price to pay for the many benefits of those wonderful verandahs.

Service and Quality

Our aim is to make you feel like you are our only client. This feeling should extend from the first time you contact us until after the keys to your new home are handed over. Many other companies take the view that once you pay your deposit you are their’s and the dynamics of your relationship changes. We however take the view that it is the beginning of a long term association that will see you recommend us to your friends and relatives. Word of mouth is always the most efficient mechanism for marketing a successful business.

The level of service you will receive from any of the team at Garth Chapman’s Traditional Queenslanders will be outstanding. In the complicated business of designing and arranging the construction of custom designed homes, attention to detail and excellent communication is crucial. In addition we have high expectations of all our contractors, suppliers, and service providers. Great service to you reduces the stress on you of building a new home and thus improves our efficiency.

The quality of the construction, the finishes, and the appearance of the home has always been a primary focus at Garth Chapman’s. From the initial design process where the location of each room, window and door in the home is considered very carefully to the superior materials specified, from the Unique Construction features to the excellent finishes, from the head carpenter to the 1st year apprentice, from the 1st tradesman to the final tradesman, the quality of the final product is the paramount consideration.

To truly receive this level of quality and service does not come at the cheapest price. It does however come at a fair and reasonable price for what you will receive in return.


Garth Chapman has been a member of the QMBA since 1986. And before that was a member of the NSW HIA.

Always choose a builder who is a member of your respective State’s Master Builders Association because:

  • Their integrity, workmanship and training have been thoroughly investigated before their membership of the Association was approved.
  • As a professional business person, a master builder knows that the best advertisement is a satisfied client.
  • A master builder is bound by a code of ethics, designed to uphold the reputation for quality workmanship that has become the hallmark of Association membership.
  • In the event of any dispute arising, the Association is prepared to make an impartial investigation.
  • Their Association membership gives you access to specifically prepared contract documents, specifications and manuals — written and produced by the Association and fully approved by major lending institutions, and local government departments.
  • The best protection you can give to your investment in a new home is to have it built by a member of the MBA.