‘Sandstone’ Colonial Homes

Would you like a beautiful home full of intricate detail, designed just for you and your family, a home that you proudly call yours?

Garth Chapman heritage-style ‘Sandstone’ Colonials represent a piece of timeless Australian architecture. These magnificent homes recreate authentic features in a modern context so as to provide the home owner with a stunning aesthetic appeal whilst using modern maintenance free materials.

The Garth Chapman design team has spent years perfecting the proprietary construction and design techniques we use to create our distinctive homes. A few of these important design attributes include the proportions and angles, materials selected, roof pitch, truss systems, window and door sizes and locations, verandah width, verandah post locations and heights.

Internally we will design your new ‘Sandstone’ Colonial home to suit exactly the style that appeals to you. Whether that be ultra-modern, super traditional, or a classic mix of both… we will achieve this too seamlessly make your home perfect for you.

‘Sandstone’ Colonial Inclusions List – Brisbane & Gold Coast

“Sandstone”: Not real sandstone dues to the limitations of the cost this would bring. Rather it is a block made by GB Masonry.