Hamilton Sandstone

We are often asked if we can design and construct 2 storey ‘Sandstone’ Colonials. The answer of course is yes.

The Hamilton series is designed for large blocks with the dominant view or aspect to the front of the house. The front of the home features a high pitched rotunda that is a special place to sit and entertain friends. The wide front verandah adds to the grand appearance as it wraps around the bay window at the other end of the home. Alternatively, a high pitched rotunda on both ends of the home creates symmetry and added grandeur to the home. Sometimes we design this verandah to link up with a rear verandah space that gives the owners significant flexibility in where to sit during different times of the day and year. Like the Diamantina these homes have interesting rooflines, bay windows, extensive bedrooms and living areas, and can be single or double storey.

Other Sandstone Home Styles