Real Cool Homes for Summer

Classic Queenslander Homes to Keep You Cool this Summer

Spring is here and Summer is fast-approaching. No doubt you will be starting to feel the heat in your homes. To keep you cool this Summer we have expanded our Classic Queenslander Range to now include:

  • Burdekin 187 Classic
  • Carpentaria 178 Classic
  • Dawson 201 Classic
  • Diamantina 190 Classic
  • Georgina 199 Classic
  • Hamilton 238 Classic
  • Queenslander 167 Classic
  • Ranger 147 Classic

These homes are specifically made to be suitable for the Australian Climate Zone with features that minimise heat in the Summer and protect against the cold in the Winter. To learn more about our “all-weather homes”, visit

Now is the perfect time to enquire about our classic homes to prevent expensive air-conditioning bills this Summer. For more information visit or feel free to contact us at

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