Unusual Height Requirement

Traditional Queenslanders understands that creating your dream home is both an important and unique process, differing between every client. The Traditional Queenslanders team was approached by a client with two special requirements relating to the height of their new home.

Upon retirement, the clients were planning extended caravan trips around Australia. They needed to fit an exceptionally high caravan, as well as a 4WD that mounted a boat atop of it within the garage of their home between trips. In addition to this, while the building site was close to the water, a normal height 2-story home would not provide water waters.

Due to our extensive experience building homes on stumps it was just a matter of establishing the clearance heights needed underneath and the floor level required to obtain the water views. Once done, the remaining variables of good home design were employed to ensure the home flowed to the dynamics of the owners. Of course framing the views from the selected rooms was also important.

You will notice that the skirt battens under the front verandah are shaped differently in front of the garage doors and that these doors are higher than normal, to allow vehicle access.  We also adapted the structure by strengthening the rear verandah floor joists where a very large spa was to be set up.

Since the home was finished, on one occasion we were lucky to be able to catch the owners at home between trips, when we visited the area.  They invited us in for a cup of tea and told us how they loved their home – and the water views were just as delightful as we expected.

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