Challenge us to meet your budget

Building the perfect home often requires compromise. This home is a perfect example of how Traditional Queenslanders strives to meet our commitment when challenged to meet a client’s specific budget.

These past clients contacted the team and expressed their interest in owning a “Hamilton Series” home, as seen in our Superior brochure. After calculating the costs for that particular home on their land, the clients were initially disappointed to discover that their budget was about $80,000 short. However, both the clients and the traditional Queenslanders team worked together to arrive at a sufficient solution.

Upon investigating the design of the Hamilton home, we found that the layout was not suited to the location of the land, or the design preferences as outlined by the client. For example, they wanted the master bedroom closer to the living areas and kitchen, for ease of servicing the needs of a young family. Moreover, the size of the bedrooms and living spaces were larger than required.

The final result was a smaller, refined version of the Hamilton design.  Traditional Queenslanders were able to successfully meet the clients budget and build their home by leaving some sections unpainted, and a verandah that was prepared for but not completed.

The clients were extremely happy with the result, stating that “we now have our dream home. It is slightly different, but just as good”.

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