Building on Sloping Sites

A lot of home owners are deterred from building on these sites due to the extra costs. Builders with little or no experience with building on slopes will try to convince potential new home buyers to choose a level block. They do this by exaggerating extra costs associated with the slope. Educated builders with the knowledge and experience of construction on slopes would have no need to cover themselves with excessive costs.

Are you having trouble finding a builder who can accommodate your need to have beautiful views? Well I have some good news for you. We have time and time again proved our success with building on steep slopes, while keeping the costs down. This is achieved by designing a house or selecting one of our many designs suited for your particular slope. There are a number of factors and tricks you need to consider when designing a house for uneven or steep ground. You need to know where you can save dollars; so that you can direct your expenses on the important aspects such as retaining, water management and landscaping. We have saved clients as much as $20,000 with a suitable design.

Queenslanders and Contemporary Queenslanders respond perfectly to the challenge of sloping building sites.

These are just a few tips to consider when building on sloping sites:

  • Maximum finished height for the best views.
  • The need for excavation.
  • Types of retaining and wether required at all.
  • Construction materials.
  • Overland water flow of surface water.
  • Flow of stormwater from the roof catchment.
  • Consider carefully the type of footings – Unnecessary use of strip footings to hold a concrete slab and heavy masonry block walls creates extra costs and has a significant impact on the slope stability. Why restrict yourself to masonry block construction that requires enormous excavation and will reduce the finished height of the home. After all you have spent your hard earned money to take advantage of those beautiful views?
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