8 Star Energy Efficient Display Home

A custom-built dream home on a prestigious Brisbane acreage displays the eye-catching design skills and meticulous attention to excellent workmanship for which Garth Chapman Queenslanders are renowned.

This extra-large, double-storey home is a unique blend of timeless colonial styling and up-to-the-minute practicality. With this desirable residence, The Normanby, Garth Chapman Queenslanders demonstrates an amazing ability to cleverly transform a client’s wishes into a tangible and valuable asset, and a desirable place where any family can enjoy a comfortable retreat.

As with most of our designs, it has a very high energy-efficiency rating of 8.0 stars – compared with the usual 5 stars usually achieved by modern project homes.  The result is significantly reduced energy costs for the life the home. There are no overly expensive inclusions to achieve this rating – just good design and well placed value based inclusions. Queenslanders are designed for this climate so we are not reinventing the wheel.

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