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The Classic Range "Energy Efficient Homes"

The management and designers of Garth Chapman Queenslanders are proud to advise that our new Classic Range of Queenslanders has been very successfully launched. The photo above shows a recently completed home. As you can see, the Classic range is very attractive, with its own unique style.

In designing and developing this range, our vision has been to provide affordable Queenslanders to a much wider group of clients, who want a "Real Home", far more suited to our Australian climate and lifestyle than ordinary "project homes".

Our discerning clients have told us they don’t want to live in a "block box", which is unsuitable for the climate zone where they live, hot and clammy in summer, cold and gloomy in winter and looks the same as all the other houses in the street. They don’t want to be forced to continually pay to run expensive air-conditioners or heating, in a future with ever-rising power costs.

We are now ready to work with you on your -


You too, can have a Queenslander, built to suit your own preferences, your family life-style and the particular aspects of your location – all within your budget!

It will be a "Real Home", far removed from a kit home or project home. It will also provide benefits which will reward you into the future, for taking the time to work with one of our experienced team, in designing a home especially for you.

Here is our 5-stage process, which will finish in answering your "dream".

Stage 1 – easy, simple start.

Select one of our Classic designs as a start-point. Which of the styles do you think you would prefer? How wide is your frontage, so do you need to select one of the narrower designs, especially developed for limited width frontages? Would you prefer to have your outdoor entertaining at the front or the rear? Will the design fit within your budget?

The illustrations below provide a range of different design styles. For example, the Ascot 272 presents a wide, elegant frontage, suited to very large suburban or acreage blocks; the Dawson 201 suits very narrow blocks and provides lots of extra space underneath; the Georgina 246 is a spacious family home with separated family areas, secure two-car accommodation, all fitting within the available width of many allotments. Each design has an approximate price range, which covers most regions in Australia. Click on one of the links below, for more detailed descriptions and a price range for each one.

Ascot 272 Classic
Burdekin 187 Classic
Carpentaria 178 Classic
Dawson 201 Classic
Diamantina 190 Classic
Georgina 199 Classic
Georgina 246 Classic
Hamilton 238 Classic
Queenslander 167 Classic
Ranger 147 Classic

Stage 2 – find out about us and our homes.

Contact us by on-line enquiry, email or phone, so we can direct you to the person best suited to your location. They will answer your questions and provide advice. This Client Advisor or Agency Builder will first send you general information, including suggested design brochures, price guide, inclusions list, background company information and answers to any initial questions you ask. The price guide will take account of the prices in your region and the inclusions list contains all the usual requirements for a fully-built and livable home. Click on the link to view the standard inclusions.

Stage 3 – develop a unique home design just right for you.

Work with your Builder or Advisor to refine your preferred design. This may involve altering some room locations, mirror-reversing to suit the site, altering some sizes, adding or removing special features and so on, until you reach a point that you think is close to what you want and is still within your budget. At every part of this stage, your Builder or Advisor will be able to tell you the approximate price effect of each change you consider. Depending on where your home will be built, you should also ask about the energy-saving features we recommend for particular climates. For example, in regions with cold winters, we offer ways to adapt our homes, to retain warmth when needed and so save you money into the future. You will then be provided with a list of the prices for all the different options you have discussed, a detailed description of the design and inclusions, as well as a total estimated price for the finished home. This will enable you to be very confident about what we can do for you – all before we ask you for any payments! Apart from design changes, you may like to find out details about some of our special design features that will dress-up your new home to reflect aspects of the original Queenslanders. Here are illustrations of just a few of these optional variations.


Stage 4 – formal planning.

Only when you are completely confident in our ability, will we suggest to you that we make a start on formal planning. This will first involve having the new design drawn professionally, including perspective views, so you can see what it will look like. This work and a small fee for estimating, is part of the total estimated price previously advised. It needs to be paid at this stage. Having the design drawn enables you and us to analyse it in detail and make further adjustments as required, to get it just right. Once the drawings have been refined, we will carry out further costing to confirm our previous estimates. At the end of this stage, you will know exactly how much your new home will cost, subject to a few confirmations that will be required, when we have all the necessary information described in the final stage. All fees paid to us are always part of the total estimated price at every stage and will be deducted from the total before the final building contract price is determined.

Stage 5 – final details before contract signing.

By now, we have reached agreement that the home design is what you want and you are happy with the price. There are just a few final actions such as engineering reports, required to confirm any uncertainties, as will have been explained to you previously. When that’s done, it’s on to the exciting part of building your new home. We believe the Classic designs are well-crafted homes with all the most important features of our renowned Traditional Queenslanders, but priced to suit entry-level clients or those wanting to scale back.

We have retained these important features –

  • The energy-efficient construction systems and materials, which have always made our Traditional Queenslanders far superior to modern styles for livability.
  • Comfortable room sizes resulting from detailed attention to good design principles.
  • Any design can be upgraded to whatever level is desired, to achieve the beauty of our Traditional Style, by the addition of selected features.
  • Classic features which will say to you and your visitors "Come in for some old - fashioned family comfort."
  • Off-ground construction to increase the cooling effect of summer breezes and help protect from flooding.
  • Sloping land is our specialty - avoids expensive, disruptive excavations and "burying" your home.
  • Long-lasting sustainable materials & paint, which remove the need for the on- going maintenance experienced with old Queenslanders.
  • All-weather features - see All-Weather Homes.

For complete information, including brochures, inclusions information and localised price guides, please contact us