Garth Chapman Queenslanders - Traditional, Sandstone Colonial & Contemporary Homes

Unique Construction Features

Since the late 1800's the Queenslander style home has stood the test of time. Its look doesn't date and their appeal is universal. A Real Queenslander has a look unique to this part of the world and is a proud reflection of our heritage.
The use of superior construction methods and techniques allows us at Garth Chapman's Traditional Queenslanders to make the statement - We Build Real Queenslanders!
Our unique homes retain the external appearance and charm of the original Queenslander but are adjusted internally to allow open plan contemporary living. We also use similar construction methods to the "old school" methods employed when everything was made to last a lifetime.

Some of the Quality Construction Differences in a Garth Chapman Queenslander include:

Details Garth Chapman's Method Others
Flooring The standard timber flooring is a select grade mixed hardwood laid on top of structural sheet flooring after the roof and external walls have been constructed. This substantially reduces the ability of the weather to play any part in the quality of your timber flooring. Pine, standard grade or more often than not - none allowed
Floor Joists Floor joists are structurally engineered timber laid at 450mm apart. This will significantly reduce the possibility of your beautiful polished timber floors will not vibrating or bouncing. 600mm apart and/or pine
French doors & Entrance Door Solid Surian cedar joinery doors with Brass furniture. Aluminium Sliding throughout
Hinges The external door hinges are stainless steel so they won't rust over time. We also install 3 hinges per door for extra support. Metal and almost always only 2 hinges per door
Insulation Not only is the house wrapped in the industry standard silver sisilation paper but we also include insulation batts to all external walls and the ceiling of all internal rooms. This will reduce your energy costs and provide a more comfortable house to live in over the life of the home. Just sisilation paper.
Floor Trusses Roof trusses are 900mm apart. 1200mm apart
Standard Inclusions Our superior standard inclusions mean there aren't lots of added extras, like Kleenmaid stainless steel kitchen appliances, polished timber floors, 9ft ceilings, cedar doors, breezeways, archways, post balls, verandah brackets, wide skirting boards and decorative architraves, double hung windows, $600 for your water meter to be installed by the local authority, frameless mirrors, semi frameless shower screens. All of these items are generally optional extras with other builders.
Tiles Allowance of $35/m2 for tile supply $25-$30/m2
Structural Timber Only top quality Queensland hardwood is used externally throughout our homes, except the verandah handrail & balustrade rails. Pine
Verandah Balustrade Verandah balustrade is quality kwila dowel custom made in our own workshop. Importantly there is also a traditional double handrail. Generally pine slats with single handrail
Verandah Joists Constructed using high quality Queensland hardwood 450mm apart. 600mm apart
and/or Pine
Verandah Post Verandah posts are 100mm x 100mm hardwood. Pine and 90mm
Verandah Width Most standard designs are a either 2.4m or 2.7m. This is extremely important. Not only is this space usable entertaining area rather than a walkway but it looks correct. Added to this will be a larger entertaining area generally around 4x7.5m. As little as 1.5m
Wall Studs (Internal) Internal wall studs are 450mm apart. This gives you a stronger and more solid home. 600mm
Wall Studs (External) External walls studs are 90mm thick and only 450mm apart. 70mm &
600mm apart
And finally, it is no good having these superior construction methods and inclusions without the right team of people to put it together. The Garth Chapman team of builders and tradespeople is a close knit group that have generally been members for many years. They have a special loyalty, integrity, and pride in their workmanship and service that is hard to find. You will not be able to price the value they will add to your home building experience.