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Garth Chapman’s passion in life has always been designing and building homes that people will love to own and future generations will appreciate. His design priorities are always aimed at concepts that are pleasing to the eye, easy to live in and provide good value.

Recently, Garth & his design team have focused their talents on developing a range of plans that would suit clients who love the lifestyle and performance of a Queenslander but wanted something a little more contemporary.
The “Contemporary Queenslander” is the result of these design initiatives.


There were essential design elements that were paramount to the development of the “Contemporary Queenslander” concept. The homes:

  1. Are aesthetically pleasing in their external façades;
  2. Provide the same lifestyle benefits as a Traditional Queenslander;
  3. Are energy efficient thru good design, excellent cross flow ventilation, and smart choices of materials. In the long run, but getting shorter, this will provide significant saving on energy costs.
  4. Feature large outdoor verandahs and convenient external living areas;
  5. Layout and feel is contemporary but timeless in appeal;
  6. Are a genuinely attractive alternative to slab-floor rendered block homes;
  7. Provide our clients with value for money when the design elements and the superior standard inclusions and construction techniques are considered carefully as part of a long term analysis.

The Garth Chapman team is very excited by the “Contemporary Queenslander” concept and look forward to designing a floor plan for you to suit your personal requirements. If you also feel strongly about the essential design elements of a “Contemporary Queenslander”, but have your own ideas on the home you would like to build, one of our experienced and skilled designers would enjoy discussing your ideas in more detail. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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