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Knock down and Rebuild (KD&R)

Watch a House be Demolished

To KD&R is now almost the only way to build a new home in the established suburb you would like to live. Demolishing a house, especially one that may have been the family home, is a difficult emotional decision. However, it is one that none of our many clients who have undertaken the process have regretted. They now have a wonderful new Garth Chapman home.

Reasons to KD&R:

  • Unavailability of land in your favourite suburb.
  • You want to live in a brand new home closer to the city rather than the outer suburbs.
  • You want to create a more valuable property when it comes time to sell.
  • You want a home with less maintenance issues into the future.
  • Building a new home generally costs less than half the cost per square metre compared to renovating an old house. Even if renovation is slightly cheaper in your case the increased value of having a new home will often more than compensate for the difference.
  • You have now found a building group who can provide you with a better looking, more efficient, more lifestyle friendly, and higher value home. J The Garth Chapman team is experienced in assisting you from start to finish. We can project manage the entire process or we can just point you in the right direction until it is time to start building, or anywhere in between.

Reasons NOT to renovate:

  • 99% of people renovate only once! There are very good reasons for not repeating the pain of this process.
  • An old house will always be an old house - Therefore no matter how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you spend on that post war house – a post war house it will remain.
  • Old Foundations - At their foundation older style houses were built when soil tests and engineers were not required. They are thus more susceptible to movement due to changing soil conditions. It is very expensive to repair this.
  • Stress – Renovating is stressful. Full Stop. There are so many unknowns, client decisions that need to be made on the run, mess, time delays, cost increases, “that’s not how I thought it would look”, unknown tradespeople in your house, arguments with your partner, and on the list goes.
  • Design – You will have to make compromises in regard to the design to fit in with the bones of the house. It is difficult for the lay person to know what is really achievable. Many a dream has been shattered by practicality. This will have an impact on your lifestyle, the future value, and / or the energy efficiency of the property. The visual streetscape, crucial to the value of the property, will never be as good as a new Garth Chapman home will be.
  • Cost – The final cost of a renovation is rarely known until after the whole job is complete. In the initial quote process often many items are not included in the price. Often this is because the Builder can’t price the unknown

Reasons to renovate:

  1. Your home is a character home that is not permitted to be removed.
  2. Your home only requires a minor renovation.
  3. You are a carpenter or a builder and can undertake the majority of tasks yourself.

Demolition Process


  • A DA (development application) approval must be obtained prior to demolition.
  • Engage a professional & licensed demolition company to perform the works.
  • Recycle as much of the waste as possible.

DA Process
An appropriate DA approval must be obtained prior to demolition. If you live in a character assessable or demolition control precinct (DCP) and the proposed house is a character home your demolition request will probably be refused.

Demolition Process
This involves tearing down the entire house. Below is a general outline of the process:

  • Engage a professional & licensed demolition company to perform the works. Check references thoroughly before engaging.
  • Get an asbestos check. If your house was built before the 1980s it's more than likely asbestos was used. We recommend hiring professional asbestos removalists.
  • Contact electricity, water, sewerage and gas suppliers. These services will need to be disconnected and the gas metre will need to be physically removed from the premises prior to demolition. It's illegal to do any of this yourself. You must contact the relevant utilities companies to carry out the work.
  • Removal of the recyclable materials must be organised before work commences. Contact your local council for waste depot details and recycling options. There are also many companies who will resell the materials to renovators. This can reduce the costs and is more environmentally friendly. Generally we cannot reuse the majority of the materials when building a new home.
  • The physical demolition of a house or building can take up to a week. It generally involves a large excavator putting the unwanted house materials into the back of a truck.
  • The site needs to be left “clean”. This means all materials are removed, including the foundations of the previous house, and services capped. If this is not done then you will experience significant extra costs when construction of your new home commences. Check that the demolition contract states this will be done.

In some limited cases the home may be removed to another property. However, this is tricky and time consuming to achieve. In most cases the money you save will be eaten up by rising building costs over the period it takes to achieve.

Process to move forward

The Garth Chapman team is experienced in assisting you from start to finish. We can project manage the entire process or we can just point you in the right direction until it is time to start building, or anywhere in between. Contact Us for more information on your project or visit one of our display homes.

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