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Improved Maintenance

To some people the thought of a Queenslander illuminates visions of cracked timber that needs painting every other year and weekends full of maintenance. However, a modern Garth Chapman Queenslander has designed as much of the maintenance out as is possible.

  • Cladding – This is now fibre cement, is pre-primed in the factory, and requires no more painting than a rendered brick home.
  • Wall & Ceiling Linings – These used to be individual pine boards that required “no more gaps” every year. Now we use gyprock like all modern homes and were the client would like the authentic VJ finish - painted mdf boards are used.
  • Flooring – these used to be draughty and dusty as the gaps between the boards allowed this transfer to occur. Now we lay 19mm structural sheet flooring down before laying 19mm select grade timbers. This keeps the home warmer in winter, removes the dust transfer, and makes the timber significantly more stable.
  • Verandah Balustrade – These elements are in the weather and still require upkeep. Generally if you keep them clean they will last a long time before repainting. This maintenance is a small price to pay for the many benefits of those wonderful verandahs.
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