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Brisbane Testimonial

2th February 2003
Garth Chapman’s Traditional Queenslanders
PO Box 204 Albany Creek QLD 4035

Dear Stephen

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Garth Chapman’s Traditional Queenslanders for our beautiful home.

Our building experience with Garth Chapman’s Traditional Queenslanders was far beyond all our expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with both yourself and Michael Dunn, our authorised builder.

We feel with your conceptual design expertise, we have a one of a kind home that is practical, functional and attractive. So much so that during the construction phase the real estate agents in the area commented on numerous occasions how our home was “the one everybody was talking about”. We may be a bit biased but we are still to see a home with the livability and appeal of our home.

Having built a few homes in the past we expected some issues with our builder. However to our relief we found the authorised builder to be professional, honest, approachable and his workmanship on our home was beyond reproach. For this we hold Michael in the highest regard. Michael made our building experience a pleasure and is a great representative for your company.

All said and done we are extremely happy with our home and would highly recommend Garth Chapman’s Traditional Queenslanders to anyone considering building a Queenslander. Thank you again.

Yours faithfully
Mitch & Shelley Oliver