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Energy-Efficient All-Seasons Homes

Hot Season Conditions

For regions which experience hot summers, we design our homes for maximum resistance to and release of heat, which results in very high natural energy-efficiency. We automatically use or offer the following features –

  • High ceilings to allow increased air-flow and separation from rising heat;
  • Wide, open verandahs and eaves to shade the home;
  • Large-sized dedicated outdoor living areas;
  • Our specially designed connection between verandah and roof, feeds cooled air into the ceiling, thus reducing the oven effect on internal rooms;
  • Our decorative roof ventilator provides rapid escape of hot air from ceilings;
  • Exterior window hoods reduce heat penetration through window glass;
  • Strategically placed doors & windows encourage cross-ventilation;
  • Open plan living not only provides a feeling of space, thus reducing the closed-in effect of  much modern housing, but assist with dispersal of heat;
  • Fretwork panels above some internal doors encourage air-flow between rooms;
  • Ceiling fans in all major rooms increases the personal evaporation cooling effect;
  • Strategically placed modern insulating materials stops heat through roof & walls;

These heat-reducing features allow us to achieve a very high energy-efficiency rating.  In most cases, this rating equals the best possible results achievable for an affordable family home and is far superior to block homes built to rely on air-conditioning.  In fact, our experience with our recent Traditional Queenslander display home in Townsville proved that air-conditioning is only necessary in that extreme climate on particularly oppressive summer days.  A previous Beach House display home in Townsville did not have air-conditioning at all.


Cold Season Conditions

Many parts of Australia experience hot summers where the above features are necessary.  At the same time, these regions need other design features to protect against cold winter conditions.  For this reason we offer the following options –

  • Adapt the roof ventilator so it can be closed in winter, to retain the natural heat in the ceiling cavity;
  • Add extra ceiling insulation to prevent heat loss into the ceiling;
  • Add under-floor insulation to prevent heat loss underneath;
  • Provide close-fitted foundation skirt battens to the perimeter to reduce the effect of cold winds under the home;
  • Design roof eaves and/or window hoods, in locations and widths to protect from the sun penetration in summer, but allow heat through the windows in winter;
  • Add draft-protection seals to timber doors;
  • Upgrade window & door glass to types such as laminated, which reduces heat transference;
  • Upgrade window & door frames to timber, which reduces heat transference, when compared with aluminium frames;
  • Add strategically placed internal solid doors to allow sections of the home to be isolated for heating in winter, while retaining the open-plan summer advantage;
  • Include insulation in internal walls in conjunction with the internal doors above, to increase the effect of the heat-barrier doors.


All-Season Homes

The resultant benefits for our clients from our design styles are –

  • Significant reduction in the need for air-conditioning & heating, resulting in reduced energy costs;
  • A feeling of natural comfort and relaxation, not felt in enclosed air-conditioned homes;
  • A healthier living environment for you and your family;
  • Enjoyment of natural breezes and aromas.


Other Eco Features Available

In addition, we can assist you with the selection of energy efficient fittings and accessories such as

  • Solar or heat exchange hot water systems;
  • Water-saving plumbing fittings;
  • Power-saving electrical fittings;
  • ECO fans and LED lighting;
  • Solar power-generating systems;
  • Under-ground rainwater tanks.


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